What is my property worth?

What is my property worth?

Every real estate agent is asked this question every day, but should the answer really determine which agent you choose?

Many agents will attempt to answer the question by taking recent sales and/ or listings in your street, calculating an average or median and adjusting it applying subjective factors (negative or positive) based on their personal perception of the property to arrive at an “appraisal price”.

Consciously or sub-consciously, that calculation more often than not derives a price that is what the prospective seller wants to hear (after all, how many new listings are won by disappointing the client from the start?). Having set expectations, the agent then sets about “managing” the seller’s expectations to achieve a sale in the shortest possible time.

This process is often driven more by the agent’s cash flow requirements than the seller’s objectives.

At Byron Coastal Real Estate, we believe our role is not to guess what a hypothetical market might pay for your property today, or worse to use that guesstimate to maximise listings, but to assist you to maximize the price you obtain for your property within the timeframe you choose to sell it, by providing objective and professional advice.

Sounds obvious right? How many agents have you met who actually do this?

At Byron Coastal Real Estate, as professionals, we believe that listening carefully to our client’s goals and assisting them to achieve those goals by designing a tailored marketing plan and working tirelessly to execute it, is our primary role as a SELLER’S agent. If we do this consistently, we believe our cash flow and growth as a firm will take care of itself.

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