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Selling a property can feel like a complex and daunting procedure.
We have compiled this guide to assist you through the sales process.

Download our PDF Sales Brochure

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Once you have agreed on the listing price with your agent, you will be required to sign a Sales Inspection Report and Agency Agreement (Listing Agreement) to engage the services of your agent.

A Contract for Sale will then be requested from your solicitor prior to putting the property on the market.


Our complimentary marketing service includes the following:

  • Listing on key property websites including and our own
  • A window-card and a signboard.
  • Inclusion in our property guide.
  • Customised sales flyer for your property.

We strongly recommend professional photographs to capture the best aspects of your property. The higher the quality of photography, the greater the impact. We can arrange this on your behalf for a nominal fee.

Other promotional tools to give your property maximum exposure are available for a fee and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Presentation Of Your Property

To ensure your property is looking its best for potential buyers, here are a few suggestions to improve the appearance of your property:

  • Keep the front entrance clear of any obstructions eg pet beds, childrens toys.
  • Trim the lawns, maintain the gardens, remove leaves from paths and verandahs and clean windows.
  • Give the property a thorough clean to give it that well-kept look eg don’t leave dishes in the sink, tidy away clutter.
  • Remove personal items and photographs from display to retain your privacy and allow the buyer to visualise the property as their own.
  • Open curtains/blinds and windows to let fresh air inside and remove any odours.
  • Perhaps burn some essential oils or put flowers in a vase.
  • Repair any faults that might detract from the property eg sticking doors, loose tiles.


A member of the Byron Coastal sales team, usually the listing agent, will conduct all inspections on your behalf with qualified prospective purchasers.

We will provide as much notice as possible prior to arranging an inspection at a mutually convenient time to both the owner/tenant and the potential buyer. At all times we attempt to minimise the disruption to owners or tenants whilst a property is being offered for sale.

For owner occupiers, we suggest that you take the dog for a walk, or pop down to the local shop whilst we conduct the inspection. This allows the potential buyer to feel at ease whilst viewing the property.

Following an inspection at your property, the listing agent will contact you with feedback.

When the offer to purchase your property is received, we will advise you both verbally and in writing.

Download our PDF Sales Brochure