A Whale of a Time!

For some, whale watching is a spiritual experience, for others it is an appreciation of this grand animal of the ocean. A minority can’t see what all the fuss is about, but we are confident that one day these souls will be enlightened!

Whales have been making their annual migration north from Antarctic waters since the world began. If only they could “talk”, although there are probably stories of the whaling era we would prefer not to hear. Thankfully humans are becoming wiser & we are now passionate about protecting this awe-inspiring species.

Byron whale enthusiasts are starting to get excited, as we anticipate the arrival of whales in Byron Bay soon. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are often the best & watching our mammal friends is open to all & a joy to behold.

The best vantage point on foot is from the Cape Byron lighthouse & surrounding cliffs. For a closer look there are a number of whale watching or kayaking tours to choose from. Whichever way you choose to view this spectacular animal, it is something to behold.


To find out more about whales please go to www.wildaboutwhales.com.au