The Brunswick Heads Kites & Bikes Festival, Sunday March 24, 2013

The wonderful thing about visiting Byron Bay is the host of activities on offer in Byron & the surrounding areas.

Last weekend’s highlight was the annual Brunswick Heads Kites & Bikes Festival. Kids were able to decorate & parade their bikes as well as make & fly their own kites. The kite design kit given to each kid (big & small) was simple yet guaranteed to fly.

This was family fun at its best with parents & children working well together to create & then decorate their own kite. The sky was filled with over 100 colourful kites & the young kite flyers were all happily engaged in this simple outdoors activity. I am very happy to note that there were no ipods or digital games in sight. Sheer joy!

Music also featured highly with a host of entertainers singing on stage for all to enjoy.

Our favourite act were the Samba Blisstas, their strong drumming beat could be heard from all over Brunswick Heads & brought smiles to everyone’s faces & a groove to everyone’s hips!

Brunswick Heads Kites & Bikes 2013

Brunswick Heads Kites & Bikes 2013